Clovelly Fox Productions

Jack Scandrett

Jack’s interest in designing sound began at a young age watching his father’s involvement in many of the major musical theatre and sound performances in Australia during the 90’s and 2000’s.

Although working for primarily at System Sound, Jack has worked internationally and on major commercial productions until in 2019, when he founded Jax Audio Systems to further his experience and bring his professional experience to small productions.

Jax Audio is now based in Queensland and has a diverse range of clients and services a wide of productions Australia wide. Through Jax Audio, Jack has designed and engineered many productions furthering his professional experience whilst providing training, high quality service, and continuing to work for System Sound in a growing professional capacity.

Professional credits include over 25 productions with The Production Company, Kinky Boots, Book of Mormon, Phantom of The Opera World Tour, Warhorse, Ghost, and Chicago as well as having engineered for well known Australian performers such as Meow Meow, Paul Grabowski, John Waters and Mirusia. Jack is currently touring with MZA MZA.